Na'Cole Thompson

Leander City Council Place 4

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Na’Cole Thompson is a dedicated member of the Leander City Council, known for her commitment to serving the community and ​advocating for its residents. With a background in public service, small business and a passion for improving the quality of life in ​Leander, Thompson brings valuable insight and leadership to her role on the council. She works tirelessly to address local issues, ​promote transparency, and ensure that the voices of all citizens are heard and represented in decision-making processes. Thompson's ​collaborative approach and proactive initiatives make her a respected figure in Leander's governance, striving to foster a vibrant and ​inclusive city for all.

Outside of her role on the Leander City Council, Na’Cole Thompson is a devoted wife of 24 years, mom of 3, owner of Leander ​Beauty Supply and community member. She’s a native Austinite with deep Texas roots; She’s a first generation college graduate, ​fourth generation business owner and a PK (preacher’s kid). She’s known for her compassion, integrity, and commitment to ​making a positive impact both in her family life and within her community.

Na’Cole actively participates in local events, volunteers her time for various causes and organizations, and enjoys connecting ​with neighbors and constituents. When Na’Cole sees a need, she works and brings others along to fill the need. In 2021, ​Na’Cole saw a need for community engagement and created Leander’s first Martin Luther King Jr. and Juneteenth Texas History ​events. These city events were well received and continue today. The positive impact and reach of these two events on the local ​economy and Leander citizenry grow every year. Na’Cole’s strong sense of community and commitment to service shape her ​vision and endeavors, reflecting her genuine desire to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Leander, its residents and ​others. Na’Cole looks forward to serving Leander for another 3 years!


  • Maintain current water facilities to ensure water is ​always deliverable to our City
  • Establish alternative long term water sources to ​avoid a water crisis as Lake Travis levels continue to ​drop
  • Create new taskforce to address citywide traffic ​concerns and needs
  • Increase city supported small business, commercial ​and economic development programs
  • Recruit experienced and well trained officers and ​firefighters to further improve response times and ​increase case closure ratios
  • Establish a centralized hub for community and ​mental health resources to assist those in crisis

“I’m the Leander leader with experience you can ​count on and trust. Thank you for re-electing me to ​serve the citizens of Leander for a 2nd term.”



  • Millions invested in water pipelines, water storage ​tanks, treatment facility maintenance and utility ​infrastructure to improve citywide capacity and flow for ​decades to come
  • Secured commercial development deals with:1) Home ​Depot, 2) Southside Market; 3) Crystal Village Mixed ​Use Development; 4) Freehill Hero Way West Class A ​Light Industrial Complex; and 4) Titan Class A Business ​Park
  • Supported public safety efforts with a new firehouse and ​an increased police budget
  • Enhanced community engagement through the city’s ​first ever Citizen’s University and through newly created ​MLK Day and Juneteenth Texas History Jubilee events
  • Lowered property tax rates while maintaining a balanced ​budget year over year


Na’Cole Thompson wins her bid for re-election to the ​Leander City Council Place 4


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Leander Law Enforcement Association

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Councilman Kevin Harris

Army Vet Terrance Goppy

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Pastor James McDonald

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Mayor Pro Tem Esme Mattke-Longoria

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